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How to be ferocious like Mike Tyson Say Todd Stofka of Philly Hypnosis Performance

 Retired boxer Mike Tyson was professionally hypnotized with sports hypnosis before his fights to ensure he was as ferocious as possible in the ring. Tyson won his first 19 fights by knockout after becoming a professional boxer at age 18 and he developed a reputation for being a particularly vicious and aggressive fighter, who would quickly charge down opponents at the opening of the first round.

Boxing hypnosis, boxing hypnotherapy
Mike Tyson Boxing Hypnosis

The boxing icon now attributes the ferocity of his fights to a sports hypnotist, who he worked with several times a day at the request of his manager Cus D’Amato.

He tells Britain’s Daily Telegraph, “Cus used to have me professionally hypnotized two or three times a day – before sparring, before training and before fights. My objective was to destroy.”

 When asked if he ever felt remorseful about the viciousness with which he attacked his opponents, Tyson replies, “No, because Cus didn’t like me to be sensitive like that. He wanted me to be emotionless. He said feelings mean nothing. Feelings have nothing to do with your life. The only thing feelings do is distract you.”

 “In the hands of an expert, Sports Performance Hypnosis Psychology is one of the best mental training tools an athlete or anyone can have,” says Todd Stofka Sports Hypnotist. The athlete’s body is directed by their mind and hypnosis is all about the mind. If an athlete’s thoughts are ones of fear, anxiety, and/or fright, then they tend to play with those apprehensions.  Using Sports Performance Hypnosis Psychology an athlete can reach their peak performance and excel at their sport.

 A top, local golfer recently came to me for some help. He had been plagued with inconsistent performance when it came to tournament play. In the past 2 years he had not been able to move beyond districts. There was an internal frustration inside because he knew he could play better and yet those self-sabotaging moments had caused him to blow up on a hole resulting in a sabotaged round.

 From our sports assessment we began to take apart the sabotage. The sabotaging of a  round started with a bad shot, anger, failure to manage a mistake, the internal conversation, “I suck,” or “Now I am going to loose.”  Too many holes pasted by before slipping into playing well. With sports hypnosis we began to rewire these thoughts and behaviors. This included how to focus on what he wanted to happen and learning how to forget the mistakes. As a result he took 2nd in districts, did great at regionals and got to represent his team at States! Join me in congratulating Paul Foley for having an amazing season using Philly Hypnosis  golf sports psychology!

 We have only a few more slots open for our programs.  If Sports Performance is something you have been considering, give us a call to get started. If you’re not in the immediate area, we can work online just like I did with two Division 1 softball players in our Baseball Sports Hypnosis Program.

Todd Stofka can be reached at 877-557-7409877-557-7409 and at http://www.thebestweightlosssolution.com/